We have just learned that #WADA’s appeal has been upheld by #CAS and 34 former and current #EssendonFC players will be suspended for a year. 

This is not only terrible news for the club, the fans and sponsors. It is also a shock to the AFL and the 4-5 other clubs rocked by these suspensions. 
One can’t help but think that the issue could have been better managed.

Forget Danks and his injection program. By 2013, that was history. 

The question is, “Could the club, particularly Hird, and the AFL have responded better to the pending storm?” 

How would you rate Essendon’s crisis response?

We look at Cronulla in the NRL who also faced scrutiny following Danks’s brief injection program. They accepted a plea and a short penalty and moved on. 

I accept the Essendon program ran for a longer period but ASADA offered them the exact same deal.

The only thing that separated the two clubs was that Essendon was not prepared to accept the error of its ways. This is a criticism levelled at management, the coaching staff  and, yes, the players themselves. 

It now appears the legal maelstrom will continue for some time to come. 

However, shouldn’t someone look at recent history, note the poor results obtained through the legal system, accept the admonition of a world authority and simply call an end to hostilities. 

There is likely to be little joy gained from the prolonging this saga. It’s time to call quits….. but that will take some courage.